Just Do It


One of the things that keeps you vitalized and motivated is exercise, yet a lot of people make excuses to not do what they know is good for them?? The trick to this dilemma is to exercise for the right reasons. Aren’t things that you like easy and fun to do……….. So the key is to find the sport or any form of physical movement that YOU enjoy (yes girls a night out dancing is also great, it is the drinks that make you doubt that, Redbull and vodka is not a sports drink)!! If you do nothing at all at this moment; saying I am to busy to do this…………….I say bull s..t! If this is the case you need to change you lifestyle, ones you have done that you will never look back. And NO don’t say I will do it in 2013, there is only now.

The main thing is: JUST DO IT! No more excuses!!!

Let me know how you feel after your venture into vitality.

For the not fit it is hard to believe but exercise gives you more energy!! The more you do the more you can do. Looking forward to hear how you feel, stop making excusses and get your ass into gear, See you out there!


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