How I Choose the Right Company


This is what I did on a couple of companies to find the right company for me. The main criteria for me were:
-Financially solid company
-Good business system and compensation plan
-Innovative ( consistent renewal of products into the future )
-Unique products ( No other company has the same quality products )
-A good market and future market
-Products that you would use yourself regardless of the business system ( Pharmanex really tickled my fancy )
-Operates internationally ( while sailing/traveling you can continue working on your business )
-Being fairly black and white the complete scientific back up of the products convinced me

This is a summary of what I found:

Financial History of Nu Skin Enterprises

Nu Skin Enterprises is recognised as “one of the fastest growing public companies in the corporate world” Wall Street Journal.
Statistics show that only one in one thousand network distribution companies survive past the first five years. Only eight companies have ever grown from 0 to US$1 Billion within 10 years. These companies are referred to as Hyper growth companies, and Nu Skin Enterprises is the only Hyper growth Company to operate without corporate debt.

1984Nu Skin began with US$5000.00 start up capital.
1989US$50 million wholesale turnover.
1990US$500 million wholesale turnover. Nu Skin opened their first International market in Canada.
1994US$1 Billion wholesale turnover. Nu Skin opened in Japan with the goal of selling US$35 million in wholesale sales. Nu Skin greatly surpassed these expectations by selling US$138 million in the first year. No other foreign company has been as successful during their first year in Japan as Nu Skin.
1996Nu Skin went public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol NUS.
1998The WWD International Beauty report ranked Nu Skin as the 10th largest cosmetic distributor in Asia, larger than cosmetic giants Avon, Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.
2007 The American Business Awards recognized Nourish the Children with the “Stevie Award” for the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Program for 2007
2009 Nu Skin Announces Research Agreements with Stanford University and LifeGen Technologies and Amplifies Business Opportunity with Game-Changing Anti-Aging Approach
2010 Nu Skin’s ageLOC serum voted as the number 1. Anti aging treatment at
2010 Nu Skin announces worlds first product that will reset the genes in your heart, brain and muscles.
2010 Nu Skin was listed by Forbes as being the 5th most Trustworthy Company in the USA
2011 Nu Skin ranks #1 at total Beauty awards for anti aging products.
2012 Discovery Channel shoot the ageLOC story at the NSE Headquarters in USA.

Period taken to Achieve US$1 Million Revenue
United States 4.5 years
Canada 1 month
Hong Kong 5 days
Australia 4 days
Japan 1 day. Japan’s opening in April 1993 saw sales there topping
US$1 Million on the first day
Total sales for the first year in Japan were more than US$138 Million. Nu Skin Enterprises is to date the single most successful foreign corporation to enter the Japanese market, bigger than Coca Cola and IBM combined
First year sales in China, 2003, US$30million

Nu Skin (a division of Nu Skin Enterprises)

Nu Skin was built on a philosophy of combining science and nature in the most innovative ways. It started with a commitment to provide skin care formulations that contained only skin beneficial ingredients, avoiding harmful fillers. Nu Skin produces exceptional personal care products that really work.

The ingredients and technology used are derived from the best that science and nature can provide, therefore creating a range of highly consumable, unique products that make a visible difference.

To do this, the company partners with some of the most prestigious institutions and experts in the personal care industry. By sharing their knowledge, expertise and talent, these experts ensure that Nu Skin stays at the forefront of product development.

Members include:
Paul Cox,Ph. D., Ethnobotanist
Richard Weindruch, Ph.D. Director and Co-founder of LifeGen Technologies
Tomas A. Prolla Ph. D, Co-founder, LifeGen Technologies, Professor, Department of Genetics.
Carl Djerassi Ph.D Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University & father of Birth Control Pill
Stuart K. Kim, M.D Professor of Developmental Biology and Genetics, Stanford University
Jeannette Graf, M.D., F.A.A.D., Clinical and Research Dermatologist
Michael Chang, Ph.D., Pharmaceutical Science Advisor
Lester Packer,PhD,the world’s foremost antioxidant research scientist.

In an effort to discover advancements in skin care that will benefit everyone, Nu Skin has funded the Nu Skin Centre for Dermatologic Research at Stanford University School of Medicine. The Centre focuses on scientific investigation, dermatology research, patient care, training and product development – with an emphasis on clinical trials – for advanced understanding of skin. While Nu Skin does offer a complete line of personal care products, the company has a focus on three categories for growth.

Daily Skin Care

Nu Skin takes a unique approach to core skin care that provides nutrition directly to skin in pure, concentrated form. This approach is called Nutricentials.

Treatment Products

Nu Skin offers a broad range of advanced products that target the effects of aging and environmental stress, featuring advanced anti-aging ingredients. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa is a revolution in personal care and is referred to as the i-Pod of the anti-aging industry. ageLOC takes the science of anti-aging to a completely new level by studying the genetic origins of how and why we age. For its foundation, ageLOC science draws on gene expression science, which allows us to focus on a fundamental source of aging by showing us how the expression of our genes changes with age. We’ve applied this science to the development of anti-aging products in order to address not just the signs and symptoms of aging, but the actual sources of aging. We began by studying internal sources of aging that contribute to an aging appearance. Now we’re taking the science of ageLOC further to study the effects of aging at the cellular level to understand how to develop superior dietary supplement products.

Ethno-botanical Skin Care

Nu Skin leads the market by creating a line of therapeutic skin care products combining the wisdom of the ages with nature’s solution. Indigenous people around the world are traditionally recognised for their botanical solutions to health and skin concerns. To learn the insights that have withstood the test of time, Nu Skin partners with the world’s leading ethno-botanists and dermatologists to develop products that respond to specific skin care problems in a natural and therapeutic way.

Pharmanex (a division of Nu Skin Enterprises)
Pharmanex, is a global leader in the research and development of phyto-pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Pharmanex products are the convergence of eastern medicine and western science. Pharmanex products are sold world wide through a network of independent distributors. In 1998, Pharmanex became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nu Skin Enterprises (NUS on NYSE).
The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner

Pharmanex has the Secret Weapon
“Nu Skin might have a secret weapon…It’s called the BioPhotonic Scanner, a tabletop laser device that through hand scans can measure a person’s carotenoid antioxidant levels”.

“You finally have a device that can measure the efficacy of nutrients or dietary supplements you’re taking”Investor’s Business Daily, April 16, 2004

Scientists from around the world are talking about a brand new University of Utah invention, the BioPhotonic Scanner which will change the way people think about antioxidant health. This revolutionary tool enables us, for the first time, to measure our level of carotenoid antioxidant protection quickly.

How does it work?
Sir C. V. Raman discovered the technology on which the scanner is based in the 1920’s. Sir Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the Raman Spectroscopy in 1930.

Raman’s discovery proved that molecules, like Carotenoids, can be excited by a certain wavelength of light. The molecules then resonate releasing a specific light signal of an altered wavelength that then can be measured. Researchers at the University of Utah have developed the technology to utilize Raman’s discovery.

The University of Utah exclusively licensed this scanner technology to Pharmanex for the life of the patent (17 ½ years). Pharmanex now has the Global exclusive rights for measurement of carotenoid antioxidants in the human body for the next 15 ½ years.

What are Antioxidants and Free Radicals?
Antioxidants work together to help fight the harmful effects of free radicals in the human body. Antioxidants come primarily from fruits and vegetables and supplements.

Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that contribute to the aging process. They damage cells, proteins and even your DNA.

Who should take Supplements?
“Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. Pending strong evidence of effectiveness from randomized trials, it appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.”
Journal of the American Medical Association, June, 2002.
Everyone on the Planet. Now we have the technology (Bio-Photonic Scanner) to rapidly prove they need these supplements in their body.

The Ability to Measure
The ability to measure is the basis of science.
Only Pharmanex has the ability to measure the effectiveness of supplements in your body in REAL TIME. This allows Pharmanex to offer the only “Performance Guarantee” in the nutritional industry. If your Antioxidant score does not go up in 60 days with consumption of LIFEPAK, Pharmanex will refund all of your money. No other supplement company in the world offers such a guarantee.
LifePak is the most comprehensive micronutrient supplement available in the world. Each LifePak product is specifically formulated to meet the diverse nutritional needs of every individual.
LifePak is the number one revenue generating supplement in the world.
LifePak has been rated the #1 supplement by independent laboratories like Supplement Watch, (
Lifepak Nano
Built on the strength of Lifepak, Lifepak Nano takes micronutrient supplementation to a new level as the worlds first true Anti-Aging Supplement employing Nano technology to maximize absorption of key nutrients. Lifepak Nano is the ultimate 21st Century food supplement, and meets the needs all 7 major body systems in a single supplement. (

Pharmanex Solutions
A full range of over 50 additional products developed to help you with immune support, vitality, energy and stamina, mental sharpness, stress control, joint & bone health and much more.

Pharmanex is the first and only nutritional company to ever carry the endorsement of the US Olympic Committee.

The Measurable Difference
Pharmanex measures every aspect of its science. See the Pharmanex 6S video at (10 Minutes in length).

We measure:
the health benefits of our products through clinical trials
the levels of active ingredients through standardization
to insure all ingredients are safe and contaminant free
our manufacturing process to insure consistent product quality
Pharmanex Scientists & Scientific Advisory Board
Over 129 on staff PhD level scientists make up the Pharmanex® research and development team. They coordinate research with more than 150 noted scientists from around the world, representing such institutions as Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, Columbia, Purdue, Beijing Medical University, Shanghai Medical University and Peking University.
The Pharmanex Scientific Advisory Board includes such noted scientists as Lester Packer, Ph.D. (Berkley), Carl Djerassi, Ph.D. (Stanford) and Chiy-Huey Wong, Ph.D. (Scripps Institute) who are actively involved in clinical research and product development. In collaboration with the staff scientists this team creates a product development engine unparalleled in the nutrition world.
Pharmanex Research Laboratories
The company operates three state of the art research laboratories in Provo, UT, Shanghai, China and Beijing China.

More on Our unique Partnership with LifeGen, the holders to the Index of the Human Genome Project.
LifeGen Technologies is a genomics company that focuses on gene expression profiling as it relates to the aging process.
Our mission at LifeGen Technologies is to discover the genetic basis of the aging process with the goal of increasing the healthy life span of humans and animals.
LifeGen Technologies, LLC is a Madison, Wisconsin-based genomics company that is focusing on gene expression analysis as it relates to the aging process of humans and animals. LifeGen’s pioneering research has resulted in several pending patents, and on-going research is expected to yield additional, important intellectual property. Accordingly, LifeGen Technologies is strategically positioned to serve as a valuable partner to other companies involved in drug development and in animal and human nutraceuticals.

In addition the company maintains an affiliated laboratory at University of California at Los Angeles with the Pharmanex Phytochemical Laboratory.
Pharmanex also collaborates with some of the top nutritional research and scientific institutions in the world including:

The Council for Responsible Nutrition
· Peking University Health Science Center
· Institute of Materia Medica, Beijing
· Peking University
· Fudan University Shanghai Medical College
· Stanford University, California
· University of California at Los Angeles
· Pharmanex Beijing Association of Research & Development for
 Medico-Pharmaceutical Sciences
· Pharmanex Beijing Clinical and Pharmacology Center
· Chinese University of Hong Kong
· Glasgow Nuffield Hospital
· Kinki University
· Ludwig-Maximilians University
· National Taiwan University
· National Yang Ming University
· Oxford Brookes University
· Seoul National University
· University of California at Davis
· University of California at Berkeley
· University of Connecticut
· University of Maryland
· University of Munich
· University of Utah
· Uppsala University
· Columbia University
· University of Kansas
· University of Southern California
· Scripps Institute
· Wistar Institute
· Peking Union Hospital
· Purdue University
· Hong Kong Medical University
· Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
· Beijing Insititute of Materia Medica

The Market
North America
Who? Baby Boomers – 78 Million Americans who want to maintain their youth.
“In the next ten years, U.S. boomers will increase their spending on existing wellness-based services from approximately $200 billion today to $1 trillion or more”. Paul Zane Pilzer, The Next Trillion

Size The Nutritional supplement market worldwide exceeds of $100 billion dollars. The industry is growing by more than a $1 billion each year in the U.S. alone

Global Opportunities
Japan & Asia – This is the largest market for Nu Skin and Pharmanex worldwide. The launch of the Scanner into Japan later in this year will drive double digit growth to over $1 billion in 3 years.
China – Pharmanex began operations in this country with the Scanner in January 2005.
Europe – Pharmanex began deployment of scanners into Europe beginning January 2005.
Australia & New Zealand – January 2005.
Russia –3rd Quarter of 2005.
South Africa – launched in March 2008
India – Expansion plans into this country are set for 2012.

Pharmanex has enjoyed significant world wide sales growth in the past year. Deployment of the scanner into the United States has proven to substantially accelerate product sales for this market (see statistics below). The deployment of the Pharmanex BioPhotonic scanner into other countries should produce similar growth.

Scanner Driven Growth in U.S. ( first 12 Months)
LifePak Sales increased over 70%
ADRs (Monthly Auto delivery of LifePak) up over 80%
New Distributors up 50%


Nu Skin has been featured on NBC, Good Day LA, Hello Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, The Today show and their Scientists have been feautured on CBS,s 60 minutes news.

The Bio-Photonic Scanner has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC. Video Clips can be viewed online at under Downloads under Video/Audio Links.

For more Media, please go to

What they are saying about NU SKIN ENTERPRISES…

”NSE has looked at all of the giants, they’ve taken the best from the best. They can work globally like nobody else, and their products are light years ahead of anyone else.”
Steven D Meyers, Professor, International Business, Former C.E.O., Amway, Japan
“We have many physician distributors in the NSE system and they share my opinion that this is the strongest nutritional supplementation line available in the world today. Someone may have created an individual product out there somewhere that may be as good as one of our products, but there is no product line which can equal the NSE/Pharmanex product line. We stand together on the threshold of the greatest financial and entrepreneurial opportunity that we will ever see.”
Dr Pfeiffer, World Renowned Vascular Surgeon,
Chief of Surgery for 21 years, Providence Hospital, Detroit, Michigan
“I’ve worked with all of North America’s most successful companies – Merrill Lynch, American Express and Proctor & Gamble. In my opinion, there isn’t another company anywhere that is in a better position than NSE to catch the wave.”
Dr Ken Dychtwald, PhD, Author of the best seller “Age Wave”
“The calibre of people getting involved in it is just unbelievable.”
Washington Business Journal
“For years, I’ve looked for state-of-the-art skin and hair care products to recommend to my patients. I discovered what I was looking for in a company called Nu Skin Enterprises. Nu Skin doesn’t use cheap fillers such as mineral oil, a by-product of gasoline refining; petrolatum, better known as petroleum jelly; paraffin, an oil-based wax; beeswax, a wax used by bees to waterproof their hives. Yet 95% of Nu Skin’s competitors use all of these components in their high cost products. I discovered Nu Skin truly was different. It uses products that heal and moisturize the skin; humectants, aloe vera, protein and avian collagen. I recommend Nu Skin.”
Anita Henderson, Doctor of Dermatology Diplomat of the US Board of Dermatology

By 2015 Nu Skin Enterprises could be the largest Network Distribution Company in the world

Harmonic Future Business



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