How big is the AgeLoc Gamma Launch 2013?

AgeLoc Gamma

Do you realize how big this AgeLOC Gamma will be when it is launched this 2013? AgeLOC Gamma is the world’s first genetic weight-management solution that targets “fat-genes”.  The answer to obesity and to those who failed with their weight loss program or dietary supplements.  The timing couldn’t be better for this historic breakthrough innovation as stories about obesity and other weight-related chronic diseases continue to dominate the news these days.
1. It is bigger than the volume created at every country grand opening launch combined in the last 28 years/52 countries.
2. It is bigger than all the product sales at previous NU Skin global convention launches… combined… and that company already holes the record.3. It is bigger than all the recent product sales at global conventions of the top 100 MLM companies….. combined.

Some quotable quotes of the day from this video.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” -Steve Jobs, Apple Inc.

“Our founding was INNOVATION. We’ve always wanted to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else.” – Blake M. Roney, NU Skin Founder



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