Ever thought of a way to make money besides your salary? Do you want to be in charge of your own destiny? The best way to achieve this is to start your own business. What would be the best vehicle to do this while you are working/traveling all over the world?

What I have found is that Multi Level Marketing is the vehicle that makes it possible to operate while sailing.

How to select the best company:

  • Look for a MLM company that is as international as possible so you can trade were ever you are and help people were ever you are.
  • Look for a MLM company that sells the best products on the market. Products you would use even if there would be no business opportunity attached.
  • Look for a MLM company that operates in a growing market segment.
  • Look for a MLM company that has been in existence for more then 10 years, this will make the likelihood better for them to stay in business and with that for you to stay in business in time to come.
  • Look for the MLM company that has an innovative future planned.
  • Look for the MLM company that has a great compensation plan.
  • Look for the MLM company that has a great educational platform.
  • Look for the MLM company that has the best selling platform.
Go and look around and see what is available that works for you!! Have a look and see what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about Multi Level Marketing
Watch this trailer of the documentary on Discovery channel “DNA the next wave”

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