Solar Impulse II. This plane can fly forever, powered by the sun!

Bertrand Piccard plans to fly around the world in a plane that doesn’t use any fuel. Huh? Yep. This machine is equipped with 17,000 solar panels. He explains the logistics and mechanics — and shares some hopes and fears for the upcoming voyage.

Looks like 2015 will be a busy year for Bertrand Piccard. From March through August, the Swiss psychiatrist-turned-aeronautical-adventurer will fly around the world. The catch? He’ll be flying an airplane powered only by the sun. For up to six days straight, Piccard will journey as fast and far as he can. Then he’ll land and let fellow pilot André Borschberg take over. The pair will switch off in a journey that is expected to take six months, and will require the pilots to live in a cockpit that’s literally built for one.

Last month, Piccard unveiled the aircraft in which he and Borschberg will make their fuel-free journey. Solar Impulse 2 took 12 years to develop and test…

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How to Reverse Climate Change!!

What a great talk on this extremely important/world changing subject; this is a must see!


Boston Marathon, Sad Day for the World, Sad Day for Sports

Marathon slaughter

— Boston Marathon attacked by terrorists
— At least 3 dead, 130 injured by twin bombs
— Boy, 8, among the confirmed dead


Blast … cloud of fire and smoke at the finish line of the Boston Marathon


Last Updated: 16th April 2013


AMERICA is on terror alert today after a twin bombing attack left at least three people dead and more than 144 wounded at the Boston Marathon finish line.

An eight-year-old boy was said to be one of the dead. Two more devices were discovered and made safe by police experts.

FOOTAGE emerges of horrifying incident which happened during race

Witnesses reported seeing legs blown from victims. Others needed to have limbs amputated following the atrocity — six days before the London Marathon.

Aerial footage of the blast site showed the pavement strewn with blood, glass and debris. And unconfirmed reports said that 12 people have died in total. 

Hospitals reported at least 144 people are being treated, with at least 17 of them in critical condition and 25 in serious condition. At least eight of the patients are children.

Doctors are “pulling ball bearings out of people in the emergency room” an expert said, suggesting the bombs were designed to propel shrapnel

Last night cops were probing links to gun fanatics furious at curbs following December’s Sandy Hook school massacre. The marathon had been dedicated to the 26 shot dead.



Terror … a second blast further back hits scattered runners


It was claimed that police had surveillance video of someone bringing a number of backpacks to the area.

It was the first successful attack on US soil since 9/11. A White House official said the explosions were “clearly an act of terror”.

President Barack Obama said those responsible will “feel the full weight of justice”.


In shock … woman sits injured on blood-spattered pavement


He added: “The Boston people will say a prayer for Boston tonight. We don’t know who did this or why.

“But make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this.”

Thousands had lined the streets of Boston, Massachusetts, on the Patriots’ Day public holiday event. Around 25,000 ran in the event.

 Boston1   Boston4Under attack … armed cops hit the streets as dazed runner lies in the road


More than 130 blast victims were being treated in seven of the city’s hospitals.

At least 15 were said to be in critical condition. One hospital official described the injuries as like those “from a war zone”.

The FBI said it was leading a “potential terrorism investigation” by the city’s joint terrorism taskforce into the twin explosions.

Two killed as blasts hit Boston marathon

Sky News

TWO explosions at the finish line of the world famous Boston Marathon have resulted in two deaths

PM David Cameron said: “The scenes from Boston are shocking and horrific — my thoughts are with all those who have been affected.”

British police said they were reviewing security for Sunday’s London Marathon.


Alert … President Obama last night


It was a terror target in the terrorist black comedy film Four Lions.

Last night chief executive Nick Bitel confirmed that the race would still go ahead, saying: “We will not be cancelling the event.”

A leg flew past my head


Carnage … rescuers tend to victims near the marathon finish line



A WITNESS to the bomb carnage that ripped through the Boston Marathon said last night: “Somebody’s leg flew by my head.”


Close together … Boston bombs


After two huge blasts — one at the finish line — left at least two dead and more than 130 injured, onlooker John Ross said: “I gave my belt to stop the blood.”

One of those killed was a boy aged eight. Unconfirmed reports early today suggested up to a dozen may have died.

Nightmare scenes were described by local TV girl Jacqueline Bruno — as cops discovered at least two MORE suspected devices in the shattered city, detonating one with a controlled explosion.

She said as the US went into nationwide terrorist lockdown: “I saw people’s legs blown off.

“Runners were coming in and saw unspeakable horror.”

Last night the unexploded devices were said to have been found at hospitals.

A third blast was feared to have taken place at the city’s John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum — but cops later believed a fire there was just a bizarre coincidence.



Scores injured … one of the victims is taken away on a stretcher


Half a million had lined the marathon route — with the biggest crowds at the finish where men, women and screaming children were left dazed and bloodied.

The bombs were feared to have been packed with ballbearings that were found littering the street.

More than 370 Brits were taking part in the race when the blasts ten seconds apart erupted from litter bins.

Brit Abi Griffiths finished just ten minutes before the horror. The runner said: “It’s scary times here — the sounds of police sirens are echoing everywhere in Boston.



Agony … injured runner after Boston atrocity


“It was while I was getting my bag that I heard it go off. The ground shook.”

Shocked engineer Marcus Mumford, 34, from Bristol, said: “It was really loud. I was just running down that street. Now the bomb squad are all over the place.”

Ambulances and fire engines swarmed into Boston’s Copley Square along with armed cops.

They found the pavements drenched with blood and people lying in agony.

The blasts — flashes of burning orange followed by acrid smoke that billowed for 50ft — were captured in TV footage that chilled America.

President Barack Obama was being kept updated last night — as a ring of steel was thrown around the White House.



Bloodbath … the twin explosions happened close to the finish line


Anti-terror cops in New York were guarding landmarks.

Officials across America urged citizens via Twitter and Facebook to report suspicious activity to the police.

The bloodbath — four hours into the race when stragglers were reaching the end —

comes just days before the London Marathon on Sunday.

Last night Scotland Yard was reviewing security.

It may also be beefed up for the huge London funeral tomorrow of Baroness Thatcher.

The big-name track stars involved in the Boston race had long crossed the line when the bombs went off.

Relieved chartered surveyor Darren Foy, 40, from Southampton, said:

“I finished in 3½ hours and we were on the bus when it happened.”

Darren — in Boston with his wife Sandra and their two children — said: “It’s all shocking.”


Chaotic … emergency services and race organisers at the scene in Boston


The second explosion was 50 to 100 yards back from the finish on Boylston Street.

There were 25,000 registered entrants — many raising money for charities — who were being cheered home by family and friends.

Canadian Mike Mitchell, from Vancouver, had just crossed the line when he looked back and saw a “massive explosion”.

He described people running and screaming — saying:

 “Everybody freaked out.”

Video showed a fireball from one of the blasts rising from behind spectators and a row of flags.

Witness David Abel said: “I saw the most horrific thing anyone can see — people with their limbs mangled, their eyes vacant.”



Disbelief … girl in tears after the terror attack on Boston


The Boston Marathon is run on the third Monday of April — Patriots’ Day, a public holiday marking the first battles of the American War of Independence.

It fuelled fears the outrage may have been the work of al-Qaeda.

But cops were also probing links to gun fanatics furious at curbs following December’s Sandy Hook school massacre. The marathon had been dedicated to the 26 shot dead.

Families of victims were in a VIP area right next to where the bombs went off.

Public transport into central Boston was shut down and a no-fly zone imposed as an emergency medical tent was set up.

Authorities also closed down phone networks across the city in case more bombs might be detonated remotely.



Grief … Boston Marathon runner sobs with friends


Fleets of ambulances ferried the injured to hospital. Kids aged eight and three were among them.

Marathon runners flocked to hospitals to donate blood as medics carried out at least ten amputations.

One mum told how she had jubilantly watched her daughter complete the marathon when the first blast came four minutes later.

Melissa Stanley said: “It sounded like a sonic boom. I haven’t stopped shaking yet.”

Both bombs were small and initial tests showed no high-grade explosive material, suggesting they were crude devices.

Investigators warned police to be on the lookout for a “darker-skinned or black male” with a possible foreign accent in connection with the attack.

The man was seen with a black backpack and sweatshirt and was trying to get into a restricted area about five minutes before the first explosion

Carnival Triumph towed into port

Carnival Triumph is towed towards the docks in Mobile, Alabama,


Looking forward to hear the true story of what happened, but in the mean time I am sure the crew worked really hard to make sure everybody walked of alive! So well done all crew that had to step up!

And sure Carnival cruise lines is extremely sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused its guests and will do everything in it’s power to compensate it’s guests and avoid a further PR disaster.

Have a great weekend and great news that everybody walked of unharmed. Looking forward to see the recommendations to avoid the cause of this particular fire.


Sugar is poison

Sugar — The Most Damaging Narcotic in the History of Civilization

Narcotics in food. When we reflect on today’s “drug-culture” and the flagrant increase in drug-abuse, we generally think in terms of alcohol, heroin, L.S.D., marijuana, tobacco, cocaine and a variety of other mind benders. Certainly all of them have been and are today the cause of an untold amount of misery, of wrecked lives and the rapid breakdown of the health and morals of our race. Furthermore, the lasting damage to the gene pool is staggering.
Sugar. There is another narcotic that all of us have been using by the bucket ever since we were little babies that has undoubtedly done more damage to humankind over the last three hundred years than alcohol, tobacco, heroin, marijuana, and all the other “hard drugs” combined. It is something that comes disguised as a most pleasant tasting food, even your sweet, loving mother would administer to you by the bushel. That narcotic is sugar — ordinary, refined, crystalline, white sugar you buy at any grocery store.

Sugar a narcotic? Yes, sugar is a narcotic — an unnatural substance produced by industrial processes (mostly from sugar cane or sugar beets) by refining it down to pure sucrose, after stripping away all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and other beneficial nutrients. What is left is a concentrated unnatural narcotic which the human body is not able to handle, at least not in anywhere near the quantities that is now ingested in today’s accepted lifestyle.

Sugar Addictive. The average American now consumes approximately 115 lbs. of sugar per year. This is per man, woman and child. The biggest reason sugar does more damage than any other poison, drug or narcotic is twofold: (a) It is considered a “food” and ingested in such massive quantities, and (b) The damaging effects begin early, from the day a baby is born and is fed sugar in its formula.

So it is with just about any factor that affects our health and well-being: It is the correct amount that is important. However, there are thousands of substances we ingest that are harmful, and doing a way with them altogether would be best.
Because of the quantities in which we have been consuming sugar is the main reason why sugar has been the most destructive culprit in all its history. It has all the right qualities for a destructive poison: it is sweet and attractive to the palate, you can never get enough of it. It is a narcotic and it is addictive. It takes years for the damages to become evident.

Sugar an Unnatural Chemical. Why is sugar so devastating to our health? One reason is it is pure chemical and through refining has been stripped of all the natural food nutritives that it originally had in the plant itself.
Sugar is first pressed as a juice from the cane (or beet) and refined into molasses. Then it is refined into brown sugar, and finally into strange white crystals C12H22O, that are an alien chemical to the human system.

Addictive. A second reason that sugar is so harmful is, it is addictive, and being delectable and seductive to the taste, it is also habit forming (there is a difference). Starting with sugar in the baby’s formula, people not only develop a strong taste for sugar but an insatiable craving for it so that they never seem to get enough of this poison.

Slow but Insidious. A third reason is that the damage sugar does is slow and insidious. It takes years before it ruins your pancreas, your adrenal glands, throws your whole endocrine system out of kilter and produces the multifarious damages we have listed in this chapter.

Foods loaded with Sugar. A fourth reason is the outrageous amounts of sugar civilized nations consume. Americans in particular are told how they are the best fed and best nourished people on the face of the earth?? If we are talking about processed junk food — this is true. If you examine the “foods” in any supermarket more closely and start reading labels, you will find just about everything contains sugar. Most of the foods are loaded with it — from cereals, to soups, to ketchup, to hotdogs.

List of Damages. We have stated that sugar is deleterious to your health: that it is more damaging than all other narcotics combined; that it is a long term chemical poison. Just what damage does sugar do to the human body?

The list is endless, but we will cite a few of the insidious ways sugar creates havoc with the human body. When we talk about sugar, we are including bad nutrition as a whole, since anyone who indulges in sugar has bad dietary habits per se.

1. Sugar is the main cause of diabetes, hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.

2. It is either a significant or contributory cause of heart disease, arteriosclerosis, mental illness, depression, senility, hypertension, cancer.

3. It has an extremely deleterious effect in unbalancing the endocrine system and injuring its component glands such as the adrenal glands, pancreas and liver, causing the blood sugar level to fluctuate widely.

4. Sugar is by far the leading cause of dental deterioration — cavities in teeth, bleeding gums, failure of bone structure, and loss of teeth.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this poison as much as possible, your kids will follow your good example!!