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My biggest priority in life is the well being of my children. It is my responsibility to make sure they are healthy and happy. This is in my case achieved by exposing them to different  activities ie. sports, having them socially active, good education and making sure they have the correct nutrition. Now the last part is not always easy. The diet of a child is extremely important so we need to look after that. In the fast paced world and all the products on the market it becomes very likely that we are not getting enough (yes us adults also!!) nutrients in, so supplementation becomes a must. Now what I have found is that all the products on the shelf have no guarantees that they will actually do your child any good, so it becomes guess work. The reason why I got involved with Nuskin is because they are the only company that can measure your health and guarantee improvement after taking the product for 2 months. Now this unique in the industry. Wouldn’t you like to take charge of your child’s health and take the guess work out of it?




I was made to investigate this subject of Cholesterol when a friend of mine ended up in hospital that was on cholesterol ‘medication’ still very young and I am sure there are more that are in his situation. He had been complaining about not feeling well for a long time. The below is what I found:

In the USA approximately 12 million people are prescribed statin (Cholesterol) drugs. Today the word ‘cholesterol’ has become a household name, many people live in fear of heart disease if their count rises above 5. Yet it is interesting to note that we have an epidemic of heart disease, despite the fact that so many people are taking the drugs.


The liver manufactures about 75% of the body’s cholesterol, which is a soft waxy substance. It is also found in the bloodstream where it helps produce cell membrames, hormones, bile acid that help digest fat, and make Vitamin D. It is also vital for neurological function.

According to conventional medicine there are two types of cholesterol:

High -density Lipoprotein or HDL. This is known as the ‘healthy’ cholesterol and prevents arterial plaque.

Low – density Lipoprotein or LDL. According to medical thinking this has been classed as the ‘leathal’ cholesterol and may build up in your arteries forming plaque which is plaque atherosclerosis. If a clot is formed in these narrowed arteries and gets to the heart or brain, a stroke or heart attack results.

Triglycerides. High levels of this have have also been shown to cause heart disease. Diet play a very important role in your triglyceride levels.

The above is the conventional method of testing your levels and then deciding weather it is necessary to medicate statin. The fact that HDL levels need to be measured against LDL levels etc. is not taken into account. However we are told how important cholesterol is, and that in fact it is not your enemy. How can it be when it is needed by every cell in your body? In fact it can be more dangerous to have very low cholesterol levels. This is confirmed by many experts in the medical field. Consider these findings of a very long lasting study carried out in Honolulu and published in ‘The Lancet’ August 2001: Our data accord with previous findings of increased mortality in elderly people with low serum cholesterol, and show that long term persistence of low cholesterol concentrations actually increase the risk of death. Thus, the earlier that patients start to have lower cholesterol concentrations, the greater the risk of death, Cholesterol is also a precursor to all steroid hormones. In other words necessary in the making of estrogen, testosterone, cortisol etc etc.

So in summary, in the eyes of conventional medicine, they conclude that elevated cholesterol levels is the cause of heart attack. However the question is never asked, may there be another underlying cause/causes to damage arteries? Just by lowering your levels, you are not addressing  the root of all problem at all, in fact there are a host of side effects which occur when medicated.


Consider some of the following: the most common complaint is muscle pains and cramps. Tiredness, digestive disturbances, skin reactions and liver problems, including an increase in liver enzymes, and lung problems to just name a few. Then a study conducted by Dutch researchers showed that men on cholesterol medication, showed an increase in depressive symptoms. This could be explained by the fact that ss mentioned cholesterol is needed to manufacture brain chemicals too, including serotonin. Another meta-analysis study of over 41000 patients records found that those who took statin drugs were more likely to have a higher risk of cancer. (Journal of the American College of Cardiology. July 31, 2007;50:409-418.)


They inhibit an enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase) in your liver that is necessary to manufacture cholesterol. In other words it is interfering with the natural function of the liver! Most people are unaware of the fact that statin drugs deplete the cells of Co-enzyme Q10, which is important for muscle function and hearth health! This is the main reason why people experience fatique and muscle weakness and pain.


Co-enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) is found in the cell membrames. It is necessary for the mitochondria to function and is essential for human life. It is found most abundantly in the heart, kidneys and spleen. Without it the body cannot produce adequate levels of ATP which is a major source of stored energy in the body and is responsible for many of the body’s metabolic processes. Co-enzymes Q10 is highly beneficial for heart disease.


Inflamation is linked to many diseases. It is how your body responds to a problem that needs healing. So in essence the inflammation comes first, and then the liver manufactures more cholesterol (because it is needed by every cell) to help combat the inflamation. Statin drugs also are thought to have a beneficial effect on inflammation in the body. But here again, you can lower inflammation in your body naturally, without having to take a drug with so many side effects. The test used to determine if there is chronic inflammation in the body is a C-reactive protein blood test. (CRP) CRP is also used as a marker for inflammation in your arteries. Homocysteine levels are also good markers for inflammation.


Plaques are small areas of damage to the endothelium, which is the body normally repairs, but they grow through repeated episodes of endothelial damage and blood-clot formation in the same spot. Plaques can kill you when they rupture, creating a major blood clot that can block important artery in your body. So it then makes sense that we should try and eliminate damage to the endohelium by avoiding factors which can accelerate the growth of plaque. This is your first defense towards good, vibrant health, NOT being dependent on a drug which artificially reduces your cholesterol levels and interferes with the normal functioning of the body. Some factors which contribute to endothelial dysfunction are: smoking, severe mental stress, which in turn leads to high levels of cortisol production (this can again contribute to insulin resistance) and high levels of adrenaline (causing high blood pressure).


Many of the following foods can cause chronic inflammation:Oxidised cholesterol. In other words fats (vegetable or animal) that have gone rancid. Therefore it goes without saying that organic or free range eggs are not dangerous like they have been made out to be. Consuming any foods that contain transfatty acids (this can include margarice). A medical research council survey showed that men consuming butter as opposed to margarine ran half the risk of developing heart disease. (Nutrition week. March 22, 1991, 21:12:2-3). All foods containing refined grains and sugars. Foods cooked at high temperatures and here I may add that food cooked in a microwave is no longer nutritional at all. Lastly lifestyle also plays an important role, smoking, excess alcohol, lack of exercise and emotional stress.

The following lifestyle changes are beneficial to healthy cholesterol levels: Consume a diet containing a lot of raw foods. Raw fruit, salads and veggies. Eat a lot of the ‘green’ foods. They are high in potassium and alkalinity and help regulate inflammation and blood pressure. Drink enough pure, filtered water with minerals added. Eat animal products that are hormone and antibiotic free. Consume enough essential fatty acids. (Omega 3 being the most important.) Omega 3 is found in oily fish, namely, tuna, sardines, mackerel, trout and salmon, and flax and chia seeds. Consume only raw cold pressed oils. Coconut oil and palm fruit oil also fall into the healthy category.


The following supplements support heart health and in turn will naturally support normal cholesterol functioning:

Supplements which contain Co-enzyme Q10 (Statins deplete it) Life pack. Life pack Nano

Supplements which  contain Omega 3. (Heart protective) Krill oil in marine Omega

Supplements which help reduce stress levels. Cortitrol

Supplements which lower cortisol levels. Cortitrol

Supplements which help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Tegreen


Red yeast has been documented as far back as 800AD in China. Some of the benefits are: it aids digestion and revitalizes the blood. The FDA position is that products that contain red yeast rice extract in the form of monacolin K are as effective as a drug and therefore subject to regulation in the USA. Dr. Weil, 22/01/09. Of all the natural supplements available to help control cholesterol red yeast rice proved to be the most effective. This is a perfect alternative for people who have statin related muscle pain. The following abstract concluded that red yeast rice modestly decreased total and LDL cholesterol, was well tolerated and was an acceptable alternative in patients intolerant of other lipid lowering medication. Lipid lowering efficacy of red yeast rice in a population intolerant of statins. Am J. Cardiol 2010 March 1; 105(5): 664-666.

Cholestin contains the prescribed level of constituents of 600mg of high quality red yeast rice (Monascus purpureus Went). It contains natural HMG-CoA inhibitors and polyunsaturated fats. Constituent in Cholestin are standardized through scientific and analytical tests in a sterile environment to ensure that the final product is safe and free from heavy metal content, microorganisms and residuals. It helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as total cholesterol and LDL.


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Never, Ever Give Up!

Heads up for Arthur and heads up for the yoga teacher that helped him believe in himself!! One of the most rewarding things in life must be helping others achieve their goals. Have a look at the below inspirational video.



Obstacles Are Temporary


Flooding in the Kruger park this week.

When there are days that things don’t go your way just know that obstacles are temporary, however big they may seem at the time. Looking back at things, usually the bigger the obstacle, the more worthwhile the end result was…………

There for everything worth while achieving has obstacles, it is up to you what you do with your attitude while you get to your destination. If you know it is the case you may aswell enjoy it. Enjoy the journey!!!


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weight loss gamma

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